Bette Bentley

Bette Bentley was born in Houston, Texas. She is the youngest daughter in a family of five and is the niece of country music superstar Dierks Bentley. She is an actress, writer and producer. She has starred in and produced countless viral videos for Funny or Die and College Humor. She is perhaps most known for her TV series Junior Development Execs, which she created and starred in and was filled with celeb cameos. She also had a short-lived TV Show for Regal Cinemas where she famously did crazy celebrity interviews. Before her shows, she was a writer and producer for Funny or Die. She produced such notable videos as "The First Gay Bachelor" starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson, George Takei, and Lance Bass - this video raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Marriage Equality. She also produced "The Hand Bra" starring Rebecca Romijn which raised hundred of thousands for Breast Cancer Research. Earlier that year, she produced and starred in "Tony Hale's Acting Process" with Emmy-award-winner Tony Hale, a video which he tweets every year around Emmy season. She has also starred in several campaigns for Old Milwaukee with fellow comedians (Golden-Globe-winner) Rachel Bloom, Kyle Kinane, Barry Rothbart, Johnny Pemberton, Drennon Davis, and Curt Neil. She also starred in the Microsoft "Block Party" commercial and Apple's "Valentine's Day" commercial. Around the time she starred in these commercials, she was a writer for the CBS Diversity Showcase where she and her husband Brian met in the writer's room - their most notable sketch being "Hodor's Moment" starring Dominic Burgess. She also helped write and appeared in her uncle's music video "Drunk on a Plane." The music video went on to be a critical smash and garnered multiple awards.


Twitter: TheBetteBentley

Instagram: BetteSantaMaria